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John Kang WebMD | Eontec Partnership

John Kang WebMD | Eontec Partnership

Tech business mogul John Kang WebMD-Medical Manager Corporation merger, which was worth $20 Billion, has been working over the past 17 years to develop amorphous metals for commercial use and has recently orchestrated another major deal in the tech industry for his new company, Liquidmetal Technologies Inc.

Liquidmorphium, the alloy that was developed at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in conjunction with NASA, is said to be stronger than Titanium, but easier to produce into precision components through injection molding.

John Kang WebMD says, now in exclusive licensing agreements with Apple Inc., The Swatch Group Ltd., HEAD and the sports equipment manufacturing company Rawlings for their respective industries, Liquidmetal Technologies has partnered with Hong Kong-based manufacturing firm EONTEC to bring its new technology into mass production. Publicly traded in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Eontec is a global producer of light alloy products with manufacturing facilities in China.

Apple Inc., which previously tested the potential of Liquidmorphium with its SIM card insert tray tool, has recently, has filed patents which describes the use and benefits of the metal alloy for the home button in Apple’s mobile phones and tablets. The patent describes the high elasticity of amorphous alloys that would slightly deform when pressed, yet has a greater ability to regain its original form than other materials like titanium or stainless steel. Apple has also renewed its exclusive rights to the technology for use in consumer electronics since 2010.

According to John Kang WebMD, if the name Eontec sounds familiar, Dongguan Eontec Co. is also one of the major suppliers of Tesla Inc., and produces parts for consumer electronics, biomedicine and medical equipment, automotive parts, and aerospace parts.

To bankroll this deal $63.4 Million deal, investments were made in conjunction with a cross-licensing agreement with Enotec while the equity investment in Liquidmetal Technologies Inc was made by Professor Lugee Li, giving him a position on the board of directors. Professor Li, who is also the Chairman and majority stockholder of Eontec, serves as an Analyst for the Institute of Metal Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Professor Li has also provided funding for Turing Robotics Industries, which currently produces the highly anticipated nearly stock Android Turing Appassionato Phone made with a Liquidmorphium 2.0 outer casing, which is one of the strongest materials ever used on a smartphone.

John Kang WebMD-Medical Manager Corporation merger was an early investor and eventually became Chairman of Liquidmetal Technologies Inc. from 2001 to 2010. It was during his time at the helm of the company that Liquidmetal went into licensing agreements with Apple Inc. along with other notable companies.

Since then John Kang WebMD has stepped down and become Chairman of LM Group Holdings Inc. where he manages the holding company’s portfolio of tech companies and oversees the company’s overall strategy.

However, he has left the original company in the capable hands of Thomas Steipp of Symmetricom timekeeping technology (now acquired by Microsemi).

For more information about John Kang of the WebMD-Medical Manager Corporation merger, read through his website and blog page.

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