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John Kang WebMD | Myths & Superstitions in Health Industry

John Kang WebMD | Myths & Superstitions in Health Industry

While medical fields like hematology and oncology continue their advancements, there are still some who are being left behind and stand on medical myths and superstitions. Although some may be harmless, John Kang, WebMD believes that each myth should be stomped down with clinical truths, as there are suppositions without scientific backing that can prove harmful to people.

“Problem” with vaccines

One of the classic suppositions of people, according to John Kang WebMD, is there are still some who believe that vaccines cause autism. The number of people who believe this myth has grown over the years, as evidenced by a recent study. According to a CDC report, the number of unvaccinated children rose to at least quadruple from the number in 2001. This means that most of the vaccine non-believers include parents. Aside from the number of unvaccinated children, there is also a continuing rise of the death toll to illnesses like measles, which could’ve been prevented with vaccines.

Another misconception related to vaccination is with influenza. People believe that vaccination with influenza will cause the flu.

Other treatment for cancer

John Kang WebMD says the myths associated with cancer treatments are numerous, but the most prevalent is that aside from the recommended medications and treatments, there are unconventional methods that patients can do to treat cancer. Although those who provide non-approved treatments are at fault, blame can also be placed on the patient and their care providers.

Hypertension and cholesterol are inherited

This is partly true, though not in most cases. While high blood pressure and cholesterol have genetic factors that can be passed down through generations, the most prevalent cases are still those with high-risk standard of living. People who have high blood pressure and cholesterol are most likely those that have sedentary routines, poor diet, and lifestyle choices like alcohol drinking and smoking.

Cholesterol is bad

Actually, cholesterol is an important factor in body functions. However, there are “good” and “bad” cholesterol. As proven by medical experts like John Kang WebMD, if cholesterol levels are too high in the bloodstream, buildup results and will hinder body functions. The most common disorders attributed to high cholesterol include stroke and heart attack, since buildups and blockages occur in arteries.

Eight glasses of water is required

Although water is needed for function, the different body structures and makeup that each individual has needs different water level requirements. More than eight glasses a day doesn’t mean you are taking the recommended amount, while drinking less water doesn’t mean that you will be dehydrated. There are other sources of water like the fruits and vegetables that you eat. Meanwhile, the amount of water that the body needs is also dependent on other factors like activities, health issues, weight, and others.

There are other myths and misconceptions on health. While these suppositions are not new, they can be proven false with the right details and information, backed by scientific and medical data. Meanwhile, instead of researches online, it is best to consult medical experts like John Kang, WebMD as they have the needed background and experience to disprove these myths.