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John Kang WebMD | Surgical Oncology Expert

John Kang WebMD | Surgical Oncology Expert

With the advances in research and treatment, it is an exciting time to work in cancer care, particularly for specialty experts like oncologists. One of the best is John Kang WebMD, as an on-board surgical oncologist. Image Source: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

A specialist in surgical oncology and general surgery, John Kang WebMD carries over 22 years of experience in his medical practice. He has done surgeries and hands-on treatment for a variety of illnesses and disorders. Some of his recorded treatments include operations for appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, cholelethiasis or cholecystitis, and a malignant neoplasm on a female breast.

John Kang WebMD has the expertise as a surgeon, and as care providers, goes out of his own way to make patients and care providers at east. As a physician, he explains the conditions and treatments clearly, as he believes that the needed and correct information and details right from the start will go a long way towards understanding what is wrong with the patient’s body and how to treat it. He also knows that understanding should both come from the patient and the post-treatment care providers.

Meanwhile, his explanations also stretches into the time needed to answer questions related to diagnosis and treatment, as he understands that “the big C” is still taboo for some people, and they needed the guidance and right answers from experts in order to understand cancer better. He knows that discussing the disease, its diagnoses and treatment, even its progression can be emotional for both patient the other care provider like relatives, and he practices the needed empathy in order to get the message across without being seen as the bearer of very bad news.

Moreover, he knows that in order for the treatment to be thoroughly successful, he will need to build a strong rapport with the patient. This patient-consultant relationship, with a strong foundation, will be one of the positive factors towards successful treatment.

John Kang WebMD also provides the needed follow-ups and post-treatment discussions since he firmly understands that the success of any operation also extends to what happens after the treatment. While there are times that oncologists can’t completely cure cancer, complete treatment procedures, including post-operation and post-treatment steps, are very important for the treatment to be a hundred percent successful.

His positive personality notwithstanding, he believes that the needed “people skills” for a successful oncologist will translate into success as a general practitioner. Even if the patient is not diagnosed with suspected cancer, or is being treated for one, Dr. Kang still practices the needed empathy for a successful consultation and treatment.

As a general practitioner and surgical oncologist, he has all the needed licenses and specializations. He is a graduate of the College of Medicine from the Howard University in 1995. With his clinic and practice in Los Angeles, California, John Kang WebMD also believes in adhering to sterling standards in clinic management. All consultations have a wait time of 15 minutes maximum. Meanwhile, his clinic accepts up to 46 insurance settlements, from companies such as Aetna, Blue Cross, and others.

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