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John Kang of WebMD acquired company Medical Manager Corporation is a University of Harvard Graduate who majored in AB Economics, as part of the graduating class of 1985. Since then, John Kang has gone on to take a leadership role in various medical technology and metal technology-related businesses including Medical Manager Corporation, a healthcare information technology company with more than 190,000 US physician users, which became a publicly traded company in 1997.

Web MD acquired Medical Manager Corporation and its subsidiary CareInsite, an Internet-based healthcare network for physicians, suppliers, and patients, in a deal valued at $5 billion in the early 2000’s. Since then, John Kang has focused more on developing metal-related technologies.

Currently, Kang resides in Orange County, California and is the Chairman of LM Group Holdings, Inc., which maintains a portfolio of companies on the cutting-edge of metal technology research for industrial use. Kang oversees the overall strategy of the company while providing personal oversight of the key subsidiaries in its portfolio.

A prime example of LM Group Holdings’ key subsidiaries, Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc., is a company in which Kang also served as Chairman from 2001 to 2010. The company is involved in amorphous die-casting and aims to bring technology used in plastics and composites to the manufacturing of amorphous metals. An amorphous metal is a solid metal with a disordered atomic scale structure, giving it a unique crystalline solid state. Liquidmetal Technologies was successful in bringing amorphous metal alloys to the market for commercial use.

With more than 30 years of experience in developing and managing the strategies of rapidly growing companies in technology, John Kang of WebMD acquired company Medical Manager Corporation specializes in capitalizing on new technology by presenting it to key audiences and industries. He shares his knowledge and expertise on his blog page.