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John Kang of WebMD acquired company Medical Manager Corporation graduated from Harvard University in 1985 with a degree in AB Economics. Right out of college, Kang started off with consulting, which lead to getting involved in buses and helping them to develop strategies.

For the first fifteen years after college, John Kang started with small companies, helping them to grow and meet their potential. John eventually stumbled upon a small software company that was in its infancy stages, with only one office and six employees in 1994.

John Kang worked to find investors for this venture, and to acquire related technologies that would become essential to its success. Under his leadership, Medical Manager Corporation eventually became the largest physician-based information technology company in the U.S., with over 190,000 users, all of whom were physicians. The company also grew to about 360 employees.

In 1997, John Kang, acting as the President of Medical Manager Corporation, took the company public with an initial public offering at $17.60 per share. In the year 2000, its product became the most dominant software in the physician space, and a merger with WebMD valued Medical Manager Corporation at $3.5 Billion. Following the announcement of the merger, Medical Manager Corporation’s share price skyrocketed to $86, and the company’s value rose to $7 Billion while WebMD was valued at $20 Billion.

In as soon as 2002, John Kang took another company public. Liquidmetal Technologies Inc. which produces metal alloys from a technology discovered at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in conjunction with NASA, which produces metal that’s two to three times stronger than modern metals, and yet has the ability to be processed like plastic.

John Kang of WebMD acquired company Medical Manager Corporation has been working to grow Liquidmetal Technologies Inc. along with LM Group Holdings Inc. ever since.