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John Kang of WebMD acquired company Medical Manager Corporation has acquired a wealth of information and gained a lifetime of experience from over 30 years of managing companies of all sizes, from the meager startup to multiple multi-billion dollar publicly traded corporations. He has event taken companies from one end of the spectrum to the other. For this reason, John Kang has said on multiple occasions that he has probably lived out just about every aspect of what a business person can probably live out.

With this in mind, John Kang takes his knowledge and experience in developing the most successful software company in the healthcare space in the 1990’s and bringing a new form of metal alloy technology to market for medical and industrial applications; and shares valuable information that he finds relevant or interesting from around the internet.

As a graduate of Harvard University with a degree in AB Economics and having led two companies into successful initial public offerings, John Kang is also a savvy investor with a keen ability to find potential in small companies.

This curated news page will combine all of John Kang’s expertise and contain news articles regarding business, medical technology, software, metal technology, and developments in industrial engineering from various sources around the internet. Materials shared on this page of John’s website can be relied upon to be credible, unbiased, insightful, and well written.

As the son of a pastor from the Southern Baptist Church John Kang of WebMD acquired company Medical Manager Corporation may also be expected to occasionally share news and stories related to his faith.

For his own thoughts and insights, John will also be maintaining a blog page on this website, with discussions surrounding many of the same topics mentioned above. Visit his blog page for more information.